A lot has changed since then and most changes may not have been apparent. A UK survey* compared our lifestyles in 1971 to 2011 – a 40 year gap and this is their findings.

One-parent families nearly tripled in the 40 years from 8% to 22%. And the proportion of adults living alone almost doubled in this time from 9% to 16%. The proportion of one-child families has risen from 18% in 1971 to 26% in 2011. 

The proportion of women aged 18 to 49 who were married has fallen from 74% to fewer than half at 47%, while the number who were cohabiting with a partner but not married tripled in that time from 11% to 34%. The number of women who are single (never married) which has risen from 18% 43% in that time.

The point here is that while “families” have changed and you may not have children or may not be married, the reasons for insurance, savings and financial management don’t change.

The same unfortunate things can happen, property can still be lost due to an inability to service debt and surviving family will still suffer financially. I have clients in all the categories listed.

*UK Office of National Statistics www.ons.gov.uk