Chris believes business risk insurance is the foundation of a sound business financial plan.

With the experience of a family member suffering a serious ailment, he witnessed how having a sound backup plan can save can save everything a person has worked for in life. This event, along with a previous history of business management and planning influenced him to seek out a specialist career in arranging a 'plan b' for businesses and families.

Chris started in the risk management field in the U.S. in 2010. He holds a strong philosophy of sustainability in the financial backup plans he designs.

He does what he says he will do and endorses that the specialist companies he works with have the same integrity and values through their processes and at claim time.

Chris, his wife Alaina, his son Cole and his daughter Honora, live in the small community of Leigh and enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. He enjoys surfing, paddle-boarding, swimming, diving, fishing and anything adventurous.

Chris George is the Director of Bridge Financial. Financial Service Provider Number: FSP209525