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Sustainable ACC & Insurance Optimisation


Sustainable ACC & Insurance Optimisation

Does your life always go to plan?

I wish the answer was yes. But more than likely it is No.

We work so hard to keep everything together but what happens if it just falls apart?

A backup plan (insurance) has only one goal - to cover the shortfall in what you have and what you need. It fills the gap, so your lifestyle can continue where all else fails. 

It is my job to understand your business, life, values and needs and where those gaps appear. If you have a big bag of money set aside then you may need very little help from an insurance company.

But if you don't, I can point you in the right direction.

My service is free to you. I give advice, you make the decision that you want. It is that easy.

If you feel it is time to review your situation, contact me for a confidential chat.

Chris George - Director

Mark has his recovery & income covered.

Cocksy's Income Protection story.

Insuring you & your family:

For personal risk management, you can design a strategy using a range of products such as income protection, mortgage protection, serious illness, trauma recovery insurance, disability insurance, life insurance and private medical insurance.

  • Health Insurance – Provides you with more healthcare options, so that you have the freedom to avoid public waiting lists and select the best specialists and hospitals.

  • Income Protection – Provides you with a monthly payment if you are unable to work, due to sickness or injury.

  • Mortgage Protection – Helps to take care of your loan repayments if you can’t work due to sickness or injury.

  • Trauma Cover – Pays you an agreed lump sum if you are diagnosed with a cancer, heart disease or one of up to 30 major illnesses.

  • Life & Total Disablement Cover – A lump sum payment in the event of an untimely death or permanent disability.

Insuring your business:

For business owners, benefit from clear ACC and business risk insurance advice. We help you implement and maintain preservation and exit strategies or employee & group insurances for medium to large organisations.

  • ACC Plan Restructuring – Restructure your ACC plan to achieve better value for your money plus substantial levy savings.

  • Key Person Protection – A plan to inject cash into your business on the loss of a key person through disablement, a major illness (such as cancer, stroke, heart attack) or death. Enables you to fund a replacement and recover lost profits.

  • Partnership / Shareholder Protection – Designed to provide a smooth handover of control and ownership if a partner or shareholder dies or is disabled.

  • Group Health and Income Protection – Provides essential protection for your staff and team at special rates.




1. If you have a claim you will receive our full attention to manage it with priority. You will get a 100% focus.

2. You will only be placed with insurers that are credible, financially stable and have an excellent history of paying claims fairly.

3. Your plan will be maintained and adjusted to meet your needs as your life changes. Our relationship is long term.

4. You will not be switched from company to company periodically. Our business plan, like your insurance plan, will be sustainable.

5. You will be placed with premium quality cover that is market leading and dependable. Not just now, but for the future.

6. You will save a substantial amount of money over the policy lifetime as we will lock in the cost of the cover you'll need long term. The cost of your insurance plan will remain affordable through the years you need it the most. 

7. You will only be advised to have the amount of insurance or the type of cover that you need, and no more. We do not have sales targets to meet. We benefit by keeping you as a long term client.

8. Bridge Financial will remain a client centric service.

Here's what others had to say...

I highly recommend Chris from Bridge Financial to anyone who is looking for advice and help with Income Protection, ACC or Insurance issues. Chris was very professional but easy to work with and the information provided was extremely detailed but yet still easy to understand. Chris helped me to tailor my policies to best suit my needs and get the most benefit out of them. I would not hesitate to recommend Bridge Financial.
— Hilton Boshard - Sales Manager

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If you are setting up a plan, or reviewing one, I’d love to help.

If you are setting up a plan, or reviewing one, I’d love to help.